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A good website, or web presence, amounts to much more than the sum of its parts. Like all endeavours, a website takes some concentrated effort to get it designed, produced, implemented and made operational for business. Afterwards, one may wish to update or extend a website to achieve further benefits in business.

Without a second-thought, everyone needs their website to appear identical between different web browser programs and operating systems. To ensure success, phôrmulaé the most popular programs and systems are tested: Internet Explorer and Firefox on Microsoft Windows, Firefox and Safari on Apple Mac OS, and Firefox on other platforms like Linux. Further platforms are tested on request.


Websites come in various combinations of these categories:

  • Information / Corporate Website
  • Membership or Subscription Service / Online Club
  • Electronic Commerce / Booking System / Shopping Cart
  • Custom Technical Human-Computer Interaction / Game / Database System
  • Facebook or MySpace Application 
  • iPhone App / Website viewable on Mobile Phones / Java Application
  • Administration, Automation and Synchronisation with other data systems
Which one (of the above) is yours?

Get Control and keep it

To be most effective, you will need ultimate control over the content of your website so as to keep data and information up to date for the benefit of your visitors and subscribers - without the need for exy technical assitance.


Oh, and one can be made dizzy by the many ways to promote your website:

  • Word of Mouth
  • Pay Per Click
  • Search Engine Optimisation ON and OFF site 
  • Electronic Direct Mail
  • Active Blogging
  • Youtube Videos
  • Regular Direct Mail and Letter Box Drops
  • In Newspapers and Magazines
  • On radio and on TV too.

Human-cognisable Reports and Statistics

Finally every good website needs ways a (perhaps non-technical) overseer can run reports in order to monitor operations and track how well your online presence is performing. Adjustments can be made to better meet marketing targets and improve production throughput at peak times of the year.



With all the possibilities flying around in your mind, now Imagine a website that works the way you do, saves time, and looks world-class, reflecting the elements of your business brand, so it turns into a good income stream for you and your employees.


That's the result Phôrmulaé can get for you as we encourage you to beat the online business-success statistics and Get Automated now.


Glenn T Wallace Phôrmulaé's top digital engineer, Glenn T. Wallace is your project manager who can handle all the details and spare you from the overly technical explanations you may have discovered is a tool used by other technical people out there who wish to keep people in the dark with technical explanations that go over most peoples' heads. You won't get that with Phôrmulaé - we are an ethical business built on clear communication with our clients and suppliers.


Glenn will explain everything in plain English and show you the way to success with all your digital and online business endeavours and promotions.


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