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About Glenn T. Wallace B.MM

Born in Carlton Melbourne Australia in 1978, Glenn forged his career in computer programming and digital engineering at a very young age starting with BASIC and Assembly/Machine Language on a Commodore 64 (6502) in the early 1980s.

Since the birth of the World Wide Web in 1991, Glenn has been at the forefront of the latest web-delivered digital technologies - including graphics, sound, video, animations, websites, intranets, online offline promotions, online training programs and custom database font-ends - for some influential people, schools, companies and departments all over Australia, including:
In 1995, Glenn graduated from Beaudesert State High School with top marks in English, Film & Television, Science, Art and Japanese.

In the year 2000, Glenn received a Bachelor of Multimedia Degree (B.MM) for completing the 3 year course at Griffith University Gold Coast Australia. In 1998 Griffith University acknowledged Glenn with a certificate of high achievement.

Glenn has a brilliant command of the English language, spoken and written, and is currently a student of the Japanese and Spanish languages. He is frankly not the kind of computer programmer that leaves a spell and grammar check to others, rather preferring to thoroughly read any prose intended for publication - helping to improve its ability to communicate the core message to readers of all types while still appealing to your target audiences. Removing ambiguity and improving general comprehension of written and spoken prose is Glenn's ultimate goal.

Having used computers for so many years, Glenn has amassed a thorough understanding of the user-interface and inner-workings of Microsoft Windows Servers and PCs, and also Apple Mac systems too. Although most of his technical work requires a Windows PC, Glenn wholeheartedly prefers Apple Mac for its ease-of-use and its elegant, uncluttered, user-interface.

In his spare time, Glenn communicates on social networks (facebook, myspace), eats well, works-out and moonlights as musician Awerealis Knight.

Being of honesty and a kind heart, Glenn prefers to work only with ethical people and organisations - "ethical" really means to be conscious of your impact on the world, its people, animals and environment; and to conduct business in a way that is happy, friendly, helpful and ultimately productive to the betterment of the greater world about us. Glenn is always a strong defender of the truth, and is often vocal about his ethical pledge to the few who attempt to usurp from him or his dear friends and family.

For more information, please feel completely free to ask the man himself.
Glenn is totally approachable, and would definitely love to hear from you...

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